This is a podcast interview ISquad Room Blk Vector did with Garrett Teslaa from The Squad Room Podcast. Garrett does an amazing job bringing together experts from many different fields to help Police Officers live the best life they possibly can. He is an absolute gentleman and I really appreciated him having me on his show. To listen to Garrett’s podcast click this link, you won’t be disappointed.

“Shaun O’Gorman is a retired police officer from Australia. He spent 13 years in service, most of it in the K9 unit. By all accounts, Shaun became a “cop’s cop” after he followed his dad into public service. He spent years racing 100 mph (well, 160 kilometers per hour) to calls, watching and experiencing some of the worst things the job has to offer.

It didn’t take long on the job before Shaun devolved into PTSD and several nights of lying in bed with his service weapon in his hands trying to think of reasons not to kill himself.

But Shaun recovered – and eventually began to thrive – and it’s his mission now with The Strong Life Project to teach resilience and a way out. He’s no longer a cop but it’s still in his blood and his goal in life is to be a resource for other cops and first responders who are hurting.”