Shaun O’Gorman is a renowned high-performance coach, resilience expert, and the inspiring founder of The Strong Life Project. With a diverse background spanning over three decades in law enforcement, corporate leadership, and high-performance coaching, Shaun has dedicated his life to helping others overcome adversity and build mental strength to lead fulfilling lives.

Shaun had an intense 13-year career in the police force, which included time in the K9 unit and undercover operations. Whilst in the K9 unit, Shaun was involved in daily high-risk critical incidents ranging from violent street brawls, high-speed pursuits, barricaded suspects, domestic violence, and shooting incidents. Most of these placed him at high risk of severe injury or death. He also performed duties with the Special Emergency Response Team (SWAT) as a tactical K9 handler.

Shaun experienced the impact of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and a battle with suicide due to his policing career. Determined to find a solution, he embarked on a 20-year process to pull himself out of the darkness and discovered the power of resilience and mental fortitude. Shaun founded The Strong Life Project to share his learnings, providing support and guidance to individuals and organisations seeking to build mental resilience and enhance overall well-being.

As a keynote speaker, Shaun captivates audiences with his raw honesty and powerful insights, drawing from his experiences and extensive research. His presentations focus on overcoming adversity, building mental resilience, being a better leader and creating a great culture. Shaun has worked with corporations, first responder and military organisations, and individuals worldwide, helping them build stronger, more resilient cultures and empowering them to thrive in the face of challenges.

Shaun is the author of the acclaimed book “My Dark Companion.” He is also the host of the popular podcast “The Strong Life Project Podcast,” where he delivers daily 10-minute episodes focusing on mental resilience, emotional intelligence and how to deal with life’s challenges.

With a mission to show people they can live better lives by taking responsibility and doing the work, Shaun is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker who has a lasting impact on his audience.

His compelling story and practical strategies inspire others to cultivate resilience and embrace life’s challenges with courage and strength.