I don’t believe in beating around the bush. I spent 13 years as a police officer, nine of those as a Police K9 handler dealing with stressful high-violence scenarios; I’ve faced the harsh realities of PTSD, depression, and life’s most challenging moments. And now, I’m here to share the insights and resilience I’ve gained to positively impact your team.

My journey doesn’t stop with law enforcement. I transitioned into the corporate world, spending 15 years in high-pressure negotiation and leadership roles. 

For the past 14 years, I’ve been working in High Performance, delivering coaching, keynotes, and workshops to various groups, including corporates, small to medium businesses, police, military, and professional services businesses.

Thousands of people have been through my workshops, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I understand the challenges organisations face, and I possess the knowledge and skills to help you overcome those.

My workshops aren’t your typical corporate seminars. They’re intensive, no-nonsense sessions filled with practical strategies. My goal is to equip you and your team with the tools you need for real, tangible change, and the positive outcomes that come with it. Whether you want to improve leadership, enhance communication, manage stress effectively, or transform team dynamics, I bring the education and experience necessary to make these results happen.

Workshop Topics

Drawing from my extensive experience in a variety of environments, I offer a unique perspective that blends practical knowledge with tailored solutions. My approach is straightforward and targeted – I deliver strategies that directly address your specific challenges, ensuring that the solutions are both relevant and effective.

Participants leave my workshops not just inspired but equipped with a clear, actionable plan to implement real change in both their professional and personal lives. This ensures that the inspiration they feel is converted into tangible actions that lead to meaningful improvements.

I specialise in creating custom workshops that are designed to bring about positive outcomes. These include stress reduction, increased resilience, improved team dynamics, effective communication, and a turnaround in challenging workplace environments. Each workshop is carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of your team and to address the unique challenges you face.

Let’s craft a workshop that’s not just another event but a turning point for your team. I aim to create workshops that lead to actual, positive results, focusing on true impact and results rather than just delivering a superficial, entertaining talk.

Shaun O'Gorman

Leadership: I emphasise emotional intelligence and vulnerability as essential components of effective leadership. Drawing from my personal experiences in law enforcement, I illustrate the importance of self-awareness and empathy in leading others. This approach contrasts with the traditional command-and-control style of leadership.

Corporate Culture: I stress the significance of fostering an environment where trust and psychological safety are paramount. I advocate for open communication and authentic connections among team members, which is a departure from the often superficial discussions on corporate values.

Stress Management: I share my personal journey with PTSD and mental health, offering practical tools and strategies for resilience and coping. This personal touch not only makes the sessions more engaging but also instils a sense of hope and the possibility for change.

Team High Performance: I highlight the collective power of a united team. I emphasise the importance of shared goals, mutual respect, and the strength of diversity within a team. My focus on collaboration and inclusivity sets me apart from other presenters who may concentrate solely on competition and individual achievement.

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What participants say

“Please bring Shaun back for follow-up courses.”

“Great presentation, better than I expected.”

“Very practical presentation. Easy to understand.”

“Great to hear life experience.”

“Excellent, thank you.”

“Very impressive.”

“Very good, raw and honest.”

“Excellent! I was very impressed.”

“It was great. Better than I expected.

Very influential, motivating and encouraging.”

“Great workshop, learnt a lot, very engaging.”

“Very good workshop, great presenter.”

“Great job, keep up the positive change.”

“EXCELLENT – Keep doing a great job!”

“Very engaging presenter.”

Honest and powerful.”

“Hi Shaun, I loved the presentation. I come into these things with pretty low expectations but left presently surprised. I loved your ability to break yourself away from the stereotypical corporate speaker who we have become accustomed to. I have passed on your details to a few friends who I think would find your work interesting or even beneficial. You left us all with a lot to think about and I hope everyone in the room got something out of it.”

“The presentation was extremely helpful personally and kept me engaged through. I took so much away from it. Thank you”

“There’s lots to say but I might send an email at some point. Let’s just say that this session came just in time for me.”

“Shaun broke the ice well and improved from there. Very good.”

“Great presentation, down to earth and effective delivery/engagement. Very relatable.”

“I love Shaun’s passion and story. What would be great would be for a more interactive approach- which Shaun could easily navigate. Thanks again…”

“Great presentation and has inspired me to rethink the effect my behaviour can have on my family.”

“Excellent presentation! Very engaging, very evidence-based & well delivered.”

“I came in not knowing what to expect. I absolutely loved it, thank you.”

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