Are you seeking a keynote speaker who can genuinely connect with and inspire your audience at your next event? Consider Shaun O’Gorman, a speaker who brings a wealth of real-life experiences to his presentations.

Shaun’s background as a former police officer has equipped him with profound insights into the effects of stress, anxiety, and trauma on mental health and well-being. More importantly, he embodies the spirit of resilience and determination. He speaks from many years of expereince helping people overcome immense challenge and live a great life.

His talks aren’t just about sharing stories; they’re about demonstrating the incredible capacity of the human spirit to overcome adversity and thrive, even in the most challenging environments.

When Shaun speaks, he doesn’t just talk to his audience; he engages with them. Each keynote is crafted to resonate with the specific needs and interests of the group, whether it’s a corporate team, a conference gathering, or a smaller boardroom setting. His approach is dynamic, blending storytelling, humour, and practical, actionable advice. The result? An audience that is not just listening but is genuinely engaged, energised, and inspired.

Shaun’s journey and the lessons he’s learned over 54 years are not just stories; they are powerful tools for motivation and change. He encourages participants to take control of their lives, set ambitious goals, and build the resilience and grit needed to achieve them. Invite Shaun to your event, and watch as he helps your audience unlock their full potential and embark on the path to living their best lives.

Keynote Topics

You can expect a keynote speech uniquely tailored to resonate deeply with your specific challenges and aspirations. Shaun’s approach is far from generic; each presentation is meticulously crafted to ensure maximum relevance and impact for you and your audience. Shaun will engage with you to tailor a presentation that will impact and resonate with your particular audience.

Shaun covers topics like these that are vital for thriving in today’s high-stress environments:

Resilience: Discover strategies to build mental toughness, enabling you to not just withstand but thrive amidst challenges and setbacks. Shaun’s insights are grounded in real-life experiences, offering practical tools to navigate adversity.

Shaun O'Gorman speaking in front of a podium

Mindset: Learn about the transformative power of a growth mindset. Shaun’s guidance can help your audience foster a resilient, positive outlook that empowers them to reach their goals and overcome any obstacle.

Leadership: Gain insights into effective leadership, drawing from Shaun’s extensive experience. He provides inspirational and practical advice on motivating and leading others towards collective and personal success.

Well-being: Uncover effective methods to manage stress, anxiety, and burnout. Shaun’s expertise offers valuable strategies for maintaining mental health and well-being, both in the professional life and personal spheres.

Shaun’s passion lies in helping individuals unlock their full potential to lead successful and fulfilling lives. His compelling, dynamic speaking style is not just about conveying information; it’s about inspiring transformation and empowering you to achieve your dreams. If you seek a speaker who can genuinely connect with and uplift your audience, Shaun is the ideal choice.

“I don’t speak at audiences; I engage with them to inspire them to be their best. I have had participants see me multiple times and say how each presentation was unique, and they learned something different every time.” Shaun

Investment starts at $7,500

What participants say

“Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, thanks Shaun!”

“Very worthwhile,

“Loved it!”

“Very honest.”

“Great way to spend 2 hours.”

“EXCELLENT – Keep doing a great job”

Straight up, no bullshit. Direct and on point.”

“Awesome and appreciated.”

“It’s the best keynote I’ve attended.”

“EXCELLENT – Keep doing a great job!”

“Very engaging presenter.”

“Excellent workshop.”

“Great presentation.”

Motivational straight to the point.”

“Great presentation very relatable.”

“Loved it, honest and to the point!”

“Shaun presents with honesty and a candid delivery which is rare in any presentation about health. His passion is great. His content consisted of things I had already had to learn the hard ways and things wish I’d known sooner.”

“Open and engaging presentation that was thought provoking not cliched. Thank you.”

“This was with exaggeration the best presentation I have ever been to, I felt like I was treated as an equal and understood without ever have said anything, you have motivated me to do the most I can to help myself and others around me, thank you”

“Excellent presentation. Stuff you know but need to be reminded of and some great perspectives on life. Engaging, presented in a frank, humorous and personal style. I loved it and would thoroughly recommend to others. Thanks Shaun”

“Amazing day and how Shaun was able to draw so much candid discussion out of a team of hardened cynics”

“Found the presentation informative to a degree(only because a lot of the facts mentioned, have been mentioned quite often), but the presentation itself was much more engaging/interesting solely due to how Shaun presented himself, got the watchers involved by asking questions, and his general manner of speaking.”

“So great that Shaun did not beat around the bush and called us out on negative behaviour/thoughts.”

In this presentation I used some confronting language due to the topic and a Police audience. This is not something I use in corporate keynotes.

Good Morning Shaun,

We met when I approached you following the presentation you gave at Invictus Games last week.

I’m the Ex Brit cop, Former Royal Marine Commando who your story touched a nerve with.

I’m just dropping you a line to say, “thank you”, for taking the time to listen to me. As you know, taking that step and opening up to a stranger can leave you feeling very vulnerable. I don’t know what it was that made me approach you, I think our personal issues following on from incidents that affected us in a similar way gave me a feeling of, “shit this guy is gonna get it”, where so many don’t!

I left the event feeling more positive about the future, and if that so all I get from it, I’ll take it.

So, again, many thanks.

All the very best my friend

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