Have you ever felt overwhelmed by what you’ve experienced on duty?

Do you ever feel like the world around you is closing in, and you can’t unwind?

Do you have angry outbursts at those around you, or have you become quiet and withdrawn?

Do you ever feel like everyone else is OK while you feel like you’re losing it?

Do you constantly catastrophize worst case scenarios in life and have trouble stopping your mind spinning?


Being a Police Officer is amongst the most stressful and high-pressure jobs on the planet. The men and women in this profession will see more trauma, violence and human devastation in one shift than most people will see in a lifetime.

Exposure to these experiences has a profound effect on a person’s mental health and emotional well-being. Mental Health Trauma is at an all-time high due to:


• The rise of violent crime and apparent lack of consequences
• The accumulative effect of stress from years of Policing
• The hyper-vigilance and hyper-awareness that is difficult to turn off
• The stigma associated with Police asking for help with these impacts
• The lack of respect and understanding shown for Police by society and sections of the media
• The armchair expert opinions of people who don’t have expertise or knowledge in policing tactics and procedures

• The increased scrutiny of Police actions due to technological advancement
• The prevalence of illegal drug activity and its violent effects on offenders
• The upsurge of physical violence towards Police
• Rising institutional pressures due to more media scrutiny creating a divide between Police and the community
• The advent of social media, allowing the rise of movements actively attacking Police and their actions.


  • The early indicators of incident stress and/or PTSD
  • How to overcome the stigma associated with getting assistance
  • Strategies to deal with the physical and mental effects on our health
  • How to reduce and cope with the stress in our lives
  • How to minimize the impact of the job on your family
  • What is the difference between “good stress” and “bad stress”
  • What we should do if we suspect someone may be struggling
  • Where to go for help if you feel you need some support
  • What is PTSD and how to deal with it
  • What is Critical Incident Stress Trauma and how to inoculate against it



‘We often don’t even realize that we are suffering from stress because, as Police Officers, we are constantly in a state of hyper-vigilance and awareness. It just seems ‘normal’. We are used to helping others, not getting help ourselves.”

Many people involved in critical incidents can suffer Critical Incident Stress Trauma and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This can be in the form of one specific incident or an accumulation of many seemingly-less traumatic events. The stress and pressure experienced by our Police Officers is evidenced in the prevalence of stress-related mental injuries and the well-above-average instances of workplace leave due to stress-related conditions.



Human beings are not built to withstand the types of encounters Police Officers face day in and day out. Shaun O’Gorman is a lived-experience expert in the field of stress management because he has lived through the worst and come out the other side. Shaun tells his incredible story to remove the stigma surrounding Critical Stress and PTSD and to help Police prepare themselves for what they will experience in their careers and help inoculate them against the effects of their jobs. He deilvers proactive strategies that work now.



What was the most useful part of the workshop?

“It was absolutely fantastic, all QPS members should attend”

“Recognising early warning signs of stress”

“Open conversation – actually talking about mental health”

“Shaun talking about his own experiences & how he changed his life”

“Understanding that we are not alone. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle and talking about issues”

“Knowing that there are people who genuinely want to help you”

“Knowing to persist in asking people how they are”

“The interaction between Shaun and the group”

“Outstanding, brave and extremely helpful”

“Speaks very will, with real stories with genuine concern and help. Tells it how it is”

Any other general feedback about the presentation.

“Brutally honest and realistic presentation. Excellent engagement with his audience. One of the best presentations I’ve been to”

“One word….excellent.”

“Very well presented. Every OIC/supervisor in QPS should attend.”

“Keep up the great work, this will help so many people.”

“Very well spent 2 hours. Definitely recommend others to attend.”

“Fantastic presentation with so much information to take away. Thanks”

“Excellent presentation.”

“This should be compulsory for ALL members, especially management.”

“Very engaging presenter.”

“Excellent workshop.”

Other feedback received via email and messages.

“My name is xxxx, I’m from Operations Support Command and attended the critical stress lecture you delivered here at the academy rec club about 18 months ago. Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know that your lecture literally changed my life! I was a very angry, isolated and closed off person and thought that was normal. Your lecture opened my eyes and opened a whole new world for me. I have grown significantly over the last 18months as a result.

From the bottom of my heart mate, I thank you for delivering that lecture, it’s a very courageous and brave thing you’re doing. I have spoken with a number of the guys here who have had similar experiences.” Private message.

“I attended this session today to listen to a good friend in Shaun O’Gorman. I was moved by his honesty and emotion; and his story, which, despite knowing him for over 25 years, I had never fully heard, or understood. Many things he spoke about I could relate to and recognise in my own ‘story’. I believe this workshop should be compulsory for every member. It’s an important message. It’s time we broke down the barriers, discarded any stigma about PTSD and openly talk to each other, recognise the signs and look after your mental health before you become mentally injured. Great work SOG. Keep it up mate. Phil Notaro”

” Shaun I was at your presentation today and just wanted to thank you for a fantastic talk. This was a real light bulb moment for me. I am 11 years in the job with the past 4 being in Scenes of Crime. Over the last 2 years I think I have started going downhill. Cranky, emotional, distant and like you said today if I died in the job then so be it. I’m the guy in the office that seems to have his shit together, the funny guy, the go-to guy. This is so far from the truth. I think this has made it difficult to talk to my people. I really got a lot out your presentation today and haven’t stop telling my wonderful wife. I am absolutely committed to changing my mindset. Thank you. Private message”

“We caught Shaun’s presentation this morning. It is both raw and insightful, whilst being 1,000,000% relevant. Shaun O’Gorman is the perfect instrument of delivery here whilst being wonderfully supported by Paul Casey. (Executive Director Health & Safety Queensland Police Service) The incredible underlying message is that both of these superb men genuinely care about cops and have done more than a few laps of both the operational and corporate sphere’s, allowing them to provide a no-holds barred, straight between the eyes appraisal of what WE AS COPS NEED in order to extend our mental and physical well being. GET TO THIS PRESENTATION and by that we mean GET ALL YOUR MATES as well… one word… Superb. Andrew Ayres”

“Shaun, I attended one of your seminars for the QPS a few days back in xxxxx. Since then I have listened to about twenty of your podcasts and have subscribed to your website. Everything you said really resonated with me. Sometimes I get so focused on continuing as normal and being the best I can be at work, the best mother and the best support for my husband. I forget to be the best me. You have reminded me of what I need to do and given me hope that my husband can work through his depression and PTSD. Thank you again, I look forward to your future podcasts. Private message”

“Hi Shaun. I attended today at xxxx. I have been on rehab for 12 months after attempting suicide 18 months ago. I was in uniform the day I tried. Spent weeks in hospital and have ongoing psychiatric and psychologist appointments. And medication to keep me balanced. Anyway I learnt things from you today to make my life stronger. What you are doing is so important. Don’t forget to look after yourself whilst helping others. Thank you. Private message”

“Hi Shaun, attended your workshop today and it was fantastic. Thank you so much for your insight, lessons learned & for working tirelessly to make our police world a better one. Sincere gratitude from Mark & I. Anna Dwyer”

“Shaun is the first live speaker I’ve seen that gave me genuine points that I will use. The way I was able to relate to his emotions of anger and the strategies to control it for the sake of his relationships really resonated with me.”

Amazing, well delivered. A lot of critical points in life that we all should adapt.”

Brilliant. 2 hours went very fast. Lots to take away thanks Shaun!!”

“Brutally honest and realistic presentation. Excellent engagement with his audience. One of the best presentations I’ve been to.”

“You make a difference to my life. You inspire, mentor and encourage me to live a better life filled with peace and happiness.”

“Shaun tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. If you don’t like what he has to say, then you’re the problem and you’re lying to yourself. Fuckin top presentation!”

“Amazing, definitely brought up some stuff that I need to deal with. Already emailed my psychologist back and arranged an appointment. Thank you”

“I thought because I was doing really well due to making other changes in my life already but I’ve realised that I’m still in the mindset of finding the next worst job even though I’m not on the road anymore. Being aware of that now I’ve got to think about it more and get help.”

“Fantastic presentation with so much information to take away. Thanks”

“Your realistic approach and the way you interact with the audience is relatable, which I believe allows people to actually listen and be open-minded to the topic of mental health.”

“It was all very relatable. I’m a Law enforcement Chaplain and I have been married to a police officer for 31years. Everything you said was so true. Thank you for your honesty.”

“You did well to address the many ways and levels people are effected. That way it resonates to everyone and not only those with worst cases”

“Really cares about other cops and wants to help.”

“Excellent presentation. Thank you for being honest and real about your experiences and what you have learned. It helps.”

“Excellent presentation that gets your thinking about your own situation and comparisons to similar experiences”

“This is the second time I have attended one of these. Picked up some new points this time. A must attend session for ALL police.”

“This was the best mental health presentation I have had. Shaun actually cares and is relatable.”

“That was without doubt the best presentation I have ever been to. It resonated deeply with me. Thanks so much Shaun.”

“Hit every issue I have in the job and in my personal life on the head. I will be talking to Shaun more soon”

“An awakening, bought an awareness to my conscious thought process. I’d call it my first stepping stone of help”


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