7 Strategies to Manage Stress and Build Resilience

One in 5 people have taken time off work in the past 12 months because they feel stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy (State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia). Stress reduces productivity, focus and results, impacting both the individual and organisation. In this honest and forthright presentation, I share with your team the seven strategies to overcome stress and build resilience, leading to high performance and greater wellbeing.

Shaun O'Gorman presenting a workshop

Topics Covered:

Before the workshop, I connect with you to understand the particular challenges faced by your team, and the impact it’s having on their wellbeing and performance. I then deliver the workshop in person or via Zoom.

The workshop 7 key strategies:

  1. How to recognise the early signs of stress and burnout
  2. How to deal with stress and burnout
  3. How to manage imposter syndrome
  4. How to develop a strong identity
  5. How to foster a strong purpose
  6. How to achieve “flow state”
  7. The life basics that are the foundations to high performance

We also allow times for Q&A so your team can ask questions that help them to apply the 7 strategies to their real world situations.

Investment: $3,300 inc GST.

(Includes the pre-workshop call and 90 minute live workshop).

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