This week welcome to the show Shaun O’Gorman. He is the founder of  THE STRONG LIFE PROJECT. He helps men, particularly Police, Military, and First Responders, be more connected, effective and strong leaders in their life. He helps them have the confidence to stand up, be counted and not give a shit what other people think.

Being a loving, connected and powerful leader means you are the best Husband/Partner, Father, Friend and Colleague you can be, whilst not being influenced by other people’s opinions.

He has overcome many struggles and obstacles in his life and through this process he realised he has Developed the ability to help other people achieve amazing results for themselves in their lives and ultimately to LIVE THE STRONG LIFE.

Questions we ask in this episode:

• How did you come back from the dark times in your life?
• For anyone out there who’s in a dark place, what 3 tips/advice would you give them?
• Can you discuss the 4 keys to your work in managing mental and emotional health.
• Your book is called “My Dark Companion” what is your dark companion?
• What Is The Strong Life Project???

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