POINT #1: When you look around you, how much do you put into the people who appreciate you?

  • There will be people that you invest effort into that don’t reciprocate.
  • There are people who invest in you that you take for granted.

POINT #2: When you feel you’re putting in all the effort eventually you’ll get sick of it.

  • If people don’t value you and appreciate who you are, walk away.
  • Only put the time and effort into those who deserve it.

POINT #3: If you take the great people for granted, you’ll lose them.

  • By the time someone is feeling neglected you may have already lost them.
  • Focus on the people in your life who love and appreciate you.


  • Do you appreciate the people who love and invest in you in your life?
  • DO you tell them?
  • Will you walk away from those that don’t appreciate you?


  • Put all of your time and effort into those who love and appreciate you.
  • Walk away from those that take and take and never give back.