POINT#1: People don’t always remember what you did or said, but always remember how you made them feel.

  • When you treat people with respect they will remember you as a good person.
  • It doesn’t matter who it is, everyone matters. Treat people well.

POINT #2: If you put in the extra effort people genuinely appreciate it.

  • When you choose one thing to compliment the person at your local coffee shop about, they will feel really good about themselves.
  • When you don’t give a shit about the people you interact with, they feel it.

POINT #3: It takes so little time and effort to treat everyone you meet with respect and interest.

  • No one is so busy that they can’t connect with other People, they’re just too self-involved.
  • People will judge you by how you treat those that can do nothing for you.


  • DO you make the extra effort with people to leave them feeling positive about your interaction?


  • Be the person who people remember as someone who takes a genuine interest in those around them.