POINT #1: People don’t always want you to fix things.

  • Sometimes people just want to talk things through.
  • Sometimes people just want to vent.

POINT #2: You don’t always have to fix it, sometimes just being supportive is what they want.

  • People sometimes just want to feel supported as they process situations.
  • Not everything CAN be fixed, sometimes it is just a grief process.

POINT #3: We need to be careful that we don’t pick up other people’s struggling energy.

  • We can easily take on other people’s struggles as our own if we are not careful.
  • Leave behind other people’s energy and struggles so it doesn’t affect your life.


  • Where are you trying to fix everything when all people need is your support.
  • Where are you taking on other peoples, energy, feelings and emotions and ending up in a hole.


  • Be the most supportive friend, partner and family member you can be.
  • Be so aware of whether the feelings you are experiencing are yours or someone close to you who’s struggling with something.