POINT #1: Why is it so many people want the amazing results without doing the work.

  • When you have a self-inflated opinion of your skills you’ll never learn.
  • IF you’re prepared to start at the bottom you’ll get to the top a lot faster.

POINT #2: Many of us think we are far better at what we do then we really are.

  • You can tell the people who are brilliant at what they do, their results speak louder than they do.
  • If you’re needing to convince other how good you are, you’re probably not.

POINT #3: When you’re getting advice, get it from someone who has walked the path.

  • I only take advice from people who have proven results in the area.
  • “Opinions” are far different than proven results.


  • How often do you take advice from people who have no proven results in the fields you’re discussing?
  • How often do you give advice on something based solely on your unproven opinions?


  • Be prepared to start from the bottom and do the work.
  • Identify 1 action in each area of your life that you can start today.