POINT #1: Surround yourself with people who LOVE you.

  • Only have the people in your life who love and value you.
  • Don’t accept people in you life that make you change who you are to fit in.

POINT #2: Only be in situations where you can be the best version of you.

  • If the people around you don’t agree with what you believe in, maybe you should find new people.
  • If you want to live an amazing life then surround yourself with amazing people.

POINT #3: Similarly celebrate the amazing people you have in your life.

  • Celebrate and appreciate the awesome people you have around you.
  • Be grateful for the amazing people you have around you.


  • What are the relationships in you life where you are tolerated and not celebrated?


  • Move out of those relationships and create relationships where you are celebrated and you celebrate those people.