POINT #1: Effort is the answer to all of the problems in your life.

  • Are you willing to do the work necessary to fix the problems?
  • Will you put in the effort for amazing relationships in you life?

POINT #2: The amount of effort you are prepared to put in will directly reflect the results you get.

  • There’s nothing in your life that is insurmountable in your are willing to put in the work.
  • Effort is rewarded in your life. Doing nothing brings you nothing, its all a choice.

POINT #3: When you keep moving and keep trying, anything is possible.

  • What you are willing to sacrifice to allow time for the work will demonstrate your results.
  • You can ALWAYS do something about any situation in your life if you’re prepared to dig in and work!!!


  • Are you willing to be unwavering on your effort and commitment to what you want in your life???


  • Identify 1 thing in your life that you know hard work will solve and go and start it….NOW!!!
  • NO FUCKING EXCUSES!!! Just go and do it.