POINT #1: WIll you stand up and be a Strong, Powerful and Connected Leader in your life?

  • If you stand up in your life and be who you want to be, it will be uncomfortable.
  • When you decide to be the Leader in your life it will take courage, resilience and strength.

POINT #2: When you change your life it will Challenge many people around you.

  • It is easier for people to discredit what you do then face their own fears, doubts and insecurities.
  • Don’t be the guy that wants to blend in, be the guy who stands out because he is living his purpose..

POINT #3: Many of us live behind a mask so we can fit in with those around us.

  • When you are more concerned about fitting in then being who you are….you are living a false life.
  • Stand up and be the man who sets the strong and amazing example for his children, partner/wife, family etc not the pussy who fits in.


  • Where in your Business, Belief, Relationships & Health and Fitness are you more concerned about fitting in then standing up?


  • Every day identify a situation where standing up is challenging and fitting in feels easier…and then STAND UP AND BE THE MAN YOU WANT TO BE!!!!