POINT #1: Sometimes you need to make the TOUGH decisions.

• It is Amazing how much shit we will put up wth in our life before we are willing to make the decisions we know we need to make.
• The effort it takes to make the tough decisions is easier then putting up with then shit for extended periods of time.

POINT #2: We will justify to ourselves all of the reasons why we shouldn’t make the tough calls.

• Human beings are pain averse, meaning we will take the less painful path in any situation.
• If it’s less painful to stay stuck in a crap situation then make the decision to leave, we will stay.

POINT #3: Living a life of stress and unhappiness, forever, is far harder than making the tough decision today to do something about it.

• Nothing in your life will work if you’re not prepared to make the tough decisions that will drive you forward in your life.
• If you never make any changes then your life will never be any different.


• Will you Kate the tough decisions to make sure you live a happy life in the future?


• Critically assess your life and find the areas where you will not make the tough decisions you know you need to make.