POINT #1: It is far easier to change shit behaviour before the result is devastating.

• It’s much easier to control your finances before you become bankrupt.
• It’s far easier to train and eat well before you become morbidly obese.

POINT #2: Sometimes it feels difficult taking the daily actions that will save you from disaster.

• Doing the small things everyday is far less painful than waiting until it’s a disaster.
• You may have to really step up your game to avoid the disaster but it’s worth it.

POINT #3: Why do we let the small things build up until they are a major problem.

• It is SO MUCH easier to take the small steps persistently to create the amazing life you want.
• It’s no good waiting until the world has fallen down around you, then you will need to make MAJOR changes to get back on track.


• Where in your life are you avoiding doing the small things daily that will keep you away from disaster?


• Choose 1 thing in each of the 4 areas of your life that you can do today to change the future.