EP 86 – They don’t care what you know until the know that you care.

POINT #1: Nobody cares about anything you say or do until they know you  care about them.

  • People will put in far more effort when they know you care about them.
  • When you are leading people they need to know you genuinely care about them.

POINT #2: When you are prepared to show people how much you care about the they will go above and beyond for you.

  • When you inspire people they will follow you.
  • When you crack the whip they’ll only do what they have to.

POINT #3: People will respond to you in an amazing way when they know you care.

  • When your partner knows you care they’ll be far more invested in you.
  • When your children know you care they’ll listen to what you tell them.


  • Do you have the COURAGE to show those around you how much you care?


  • Pick 3 people in your life that don’t know how much you care and go and tell them.