POINT #1: Would you be happy if your children turned out like you?

  • Whatever behaviour your children see in you they will possibly copy.
  • Your children will look at the effort you put into your life and put in similar effort in their lives.

POINT #2: Talk is cheap, kids will copy what you do

  • Don’t be the “do as I say not as I do” parent.
  • Your kids are very likely to follow the example you set.

POINT #3: Whatever you vocalise about who you are your kids may well take on that belief.

  • If you say you are scared of the water they will probably be scared of the water.
  • Be careful what you say and the example you set for your kids.


  • Are you happy with the example you are setting for your children?


  • Look at your behaviour in ALL areas of your life and ask yourself if you child grows up copying your behaviour would you be happy?