POINT #1: Your anger and attitude is a pure reflection of who you are.

  • When things aren’t going well for you don’t let it flow out to others around you.
  • When you feel like crap still realise that how you act reflects on the people around you.

POINT 2: When you put shit energy out that’s what you will get back.

  • When you are treating other people poorly they will treat you poorly as well.
  • Whatever you put out into your life is ABSOLUTELY what you will get back.

POINT #3: When you are an agreement painful person you will get shit results.

  • When you put out happy and engaging energy to people, they will bend over backwards to help you.
  • You will not get happy, helpful and engaged experiences if you are shut down and angry.


  • Do you keep your shit energy to yourself or do you spew it out into the world and then wonder why you’re so “Unlucky”?


  • Stop and check yourself multiple times during the day to ask yourself “Am I treating people with respect or am I displaying a shit attitude?