EP 80 – Motivation comes from Darkness.

POINT #1: The people I see that are extremely successful in their lives have been through adversity and challenges they had to overcome.

• When you can come through adversity and challenges you can then overcome anything that stands in your way of your success and happiness.
• If you are going through or been through darkness and difficulty use it as fuel to drive you in your life.

POINT #2: Your dark and difficult times are a great motivator to drive you to be happy and successful.

• You will either choose to stay miserable and feel like a victim.
• OR you will use it to drive you hard towards the life you dream of.

POINT #3: The memory of your pain and distress can be used to drive you when you lose your passion for your goals and dreams.

• If someone tells you that you’re fat, use it to get yourself up every morning to train
• Use it as motivation to eat healthy every single meal when you feel lazy and want Pizza.


• What difficulty and darkness have you been through in your life that you can use to drive yourself to be motivated and get down what needs to be done.?


• Will you use the darkness to drive yourself forward?
• Will you use the darkness as an excuse for why your life is shit?
• The choice is absolutely yours.