POINT #1: Whatever you focus on, happens in your life.

  • If you focus on things are going to shit, more of that happens.
  • If you focus on the challenges in life as an opportunity to grow you will achieve far greater results.

POINT #2: Don’t avoid something, drive towards something.

  • If you stress about not having enough xyz, you’ll get less xyz.
  • When you focus on “I will get more xyz”  then more of that thing happens.

POINT #3: Be careful identifying the things that don’t work, that brings more of that thing not working.

  • When you constantly look for what doesn’t work, you’ll find those things..
  • If you Focus on what it Amazing and strive for more of that, then that is what will result.


  • Where in your Business, Belief, Relationships & Health and Fitness do you constantly focus on, and look for what doesn’t work and what is shit?.


  • Choose one positive thing you want in each sector of your life and maintain a positive mindset towards those for one month and see the different results you achieve.