POINT #1: Is the life you “live” on social media really reflective of how you feel.

  • If you are constantly fishing for attention and compliments on social media, ask yourself why???
  • My opinion is the more you post about how amazing your life is the more I believe it’s not as good as you want people to believe.

POINT #2: I KNOW people who are struggling with aspects on their life that then post about how AMAZING that exact situation is.

  • IF you are obsessed with wanting other people to think you are amazingly happy, ask yourself why.
  • Are you trying to get other people to tell you you’re amazing because you don’t really believe it?

POINT #3: Live your life honestly and put the effort into changing what doesn’t work instead of pretending it’s all awesome.

  • If you want to live an AMAZING life YOU NEED TO WORK YOUR ASS OFF TO GET IT.
  • When you are dependent on other people on social media for your self worth and feeling good, you are destined for absolute disaster.


  • Is everything you post on your Social Media a true and accurate reflection of your life and how you feel?
  • If it is not, then start working towards changing it.


  • GO back through your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and actually be really honest with yourself about whether it is a true reflection of your life or is it BULLSHIT?
  • If it’s BULLSHIT, then own that and start moving towards actually making your life match what you put out there.