POINT #1: If you have a dream you MUST follow it.

  • It doesn’t matter what other people say, you can do anything you believe in.
  • You will never know if you don’t try. Don’t die with then music still in you.

POINT #2: Your life will go past you regardless, make it count

  • Find what you are passionate about and chase that dream.
  • You can not fail unless you stop trying.

POINT #3: It doesn’t matter how you start as long as you start.

  • Never give up on your dreams, even if you need to chase it for 10 years until it works, keep going.
  • You might have to work in a job you don’t love while you chase it, but it’s worth it.


  • Will you do whatever it takes to live your dreams in your life??? Or will you settle for mediocre???
  • Where are you too scared to take a risk and try something new???


  • Write down the dreams you have for each your 4 life areas and start chasing them all.
  • Relationships
  • Business/Career
  • Self worth/confidence
  • Health and fitness