POINT #1: People are meant o be in your life for a short time, some forever.

  • Some people are in your life for a short time so you can a lesson.
  • Some people are in your life for the entirety of your life to support and love you.

POINT #2: People come and go in your life and that’s OK.

  • Let the people go who aren’t meant to be around anymore, it leaves room for the new people to come in.
  • The people who are here for a lifetime deserve ALL OF YOUR BEST, time, effort and attention.

POINT #3: If you need to bend over backwards to make someone else happy to your detriment let them go.

  • If making someone else happy is detrimental to you, let them go.
  • Make sure you put your energy, time and effort into the people who have supported you for the longest, your parents, your partner, your friends, your children etc.


  • Are you holding onto someone in your life that you know isn’t making you happy?


  • Look at the 10 people closest to you and ask yourself do they bring joy and vitality to your life?
  • It seems the closer people are to you the more shit you will except from them…CHANGE IT !!!!