POINT #1: DO you constantly evolve and update who you are to stay relevant.

  • Apple have software updates for IPhone every couple of months, that’s why they dominate.
  • Most people don’t update themselves in a regular basis. They get to a certain age and then just STOP.

POINT #2: If you don’t evolve and change you stay stuck in the space.

  • Do you settle for mediocrity in your life or do you push for AMAZING???
  • Do you evolve and push to get outside your own comfort zone?

POINT #3: The game is to constantly evolve, educate and challenge yourself to be better.

  • DO you listen to podcasts (of course you do :)) do you read new books, do you watch videos of inspirational people.
  • You can NEVER learn to much in your life. Stay throng to your purpose and keep evolving.


  • Do you stay fresh or do you stay stagnant????
  • Be honest with your answer.


  • IN all of the 4 areas of your life find something that you need to change and evolve in.
  • Health and fitness?
  • As a husband?
  • As a father?
  • As a professional?
  • As a man?