POINT #1: The ONLY way to change behaviour in your life is GET OFF YOUR ASS & CHANGE IT.

  • You developed the behaviour by repeating it over and over until it was ingrained.
  • Practice the new habit or behaviour you want to develop over and over until it becomes your new behaviour.

POINT #2: OFTEN the new behaviour you want to develop will go against everything you want to do because it uncomfortable.

  • Understand that if having AMAZING positive behaviours was easy, EVERYONE would have them.
  • It’s going to take effort and commitment to constantly practice the new behaviour until it becomes a habit.

POINT #3: It will come down to how bad you want to develop the new behaviour.

  • If you want to be comfortable more than you want to change, you won’t change.
  • When you decide that nothing is more import than developing the new behaviour YOU WILL SUCCEED.


  • Will you do WHATEVER IT TAKES to develop the new habits and behaviours in your life? If not don’t complain when it doesn’t happen.


  • Identify one new behaviour that you want to develop in each area of your life.
  • Practice these new behaviours everyday!!!!!