POINT #1: People will come and go form your life, NEVER shut the door, always be willing to reconnect if the opportunity arises.

  • Always stand up for who you are and what you believe in your life. If you lose people because of it…so be it.
  • If the person comes back and makes the effort to reconnect, always be willing to try Don’t shut people out forever. People can all change.

POINT #2: Everyone one has the opportunity to change in their life.

  • I have changed so dramatically in my life it often amazes me how people talk about this if I haven’t seen them for a long time.
  • If I can change, then ANYONE can change. Always leave the door open if people are willing to try to change so your relationship works.

POINT #3: This all depends on the reasons why these people are not in your life anymore.

  • If the person was physically or emotionally abusive to you I would be VERY careful about how far you leave the door open.
  • If it’s someone who you merely had a falling out with, then leave the door wide open to allow the possibility to reconnect with the that person.


  • Do you cut people out of your life and never give them a chance to reconnect??? If so why???


  • Look at the people that aren’t in your life anymore and ask yourself have you left those doors open if they were to try to reconnect.