POINT #1: We often think that people don’t read care about us, often they care far more than you realise, we all just hide it out of fear of being judged.

  • Our own humility and self doubt will have you misjudging the impact your have on other people.
  • Embrace the fact that your true authentic yourself has a great impact on other people around you in your life.

POINT #2: Understand that who you are and what you do everyday has the potential to have a real impact on those around you.

  • If you walk into a store and are happy and vibrant you will have a great impact on the people there.
  • When you operate in your family in your true amazing self you lead and inspire them.

POINT #3: The more you are willing to stand up and be the best version of yourself with all of those around you, the bigger a difference you can make.

  • Are you really connected with the people you work with?
  • Are you really connected with your family?


  • Where in your life do you “dumb yourself down” so you don’t stand out?


  • Stand up and be the AMAZING person you are with ALL of the people in your life, from the guy who you get your coffee from in the morning, to your work mates, to your family and friends.