POINT #1: You won’t be Brilliant at everything first try?

  • Everyone sucks before they get good at something.
  • There isn’t anything in your life that you didn’t need to learn..

POINT #2: It takes many hours of practice before you are good at something.

  • Your own emotional development as a person takes time and practice.
  • Do you out in the consistent and persistent effort or do you quit when it is challenging?

POINT #3: Everything in your life takes sustained effort to get great results.

  • Whether you continue to try, or give up, speaks volumes to your results.
  • If it is worth it to you then you will continue to put in the effort.


  • Where do you suck in your Business, Belief, Relationships & Health and Fitness? and where will you make the effort to keep going so you can become better.


  • What are the 3 things you have quit in the past month because you weren’t great at them straight away???