POINT #1: When something doesn’t work for you, it won’t change until you stop your negative behaviour that got you there in the first place.
  • If your relationship doesn’t work then stop the behaviour that means it doesn’t work.
  • If you have an affair, don’t bother trying to save your marriage until you change the lack of self worth and the situation that had you cheat.
POINT #2: It amazes me how many people try to change the situation without changing the negative behaviour.
  • If you are a chronic gambler, trying to stop gambling is useless until you identify and change the underlying reasons for your gambling.
  • If you can’t commit to your health and fitness then you will never get what you want unit you identify WHY you can’t commit. This is why digest rarely work. It’s not about food it’s about what’s underneath it all.
POINT #3: The underlying issues that cause you to be ineffective in some areas of your life don’t change because the behaviour changes.
  • The hard work is in changing the fundamental beliefs that have you creating the poor choices and behaviours in your life.
  • It is “easy” to change a behaviour, it is far more did default to address the fundamental flaw in your that causes it.
  • Where in your life are you desperately tying to correct the behaviour but it just doesn’t change?
  • Once you identify where the behaviour doesn’t work, DIG DEEP to find the reason why it doesn’t. You may need help from a professional to identify and change it. Go and get it.