Point #1: It is a waste of time and energy to Stress about anything.

  • Stress has become like a badge of honour in our modern society, it’s BULLSHIT
  • If you are stressed it means you’re not mentally in control of who you are.

POINT #2: Panic is merely a physiological fight or flight response.

  • There is a great Adrenalin dump to allow your body to move rapidly to avoid physical danger.
  • We have the same response to stress these days about work, relationships, money etc. IT IS UNHEALTHY.

POINT #3: When you have spent. Long time under stress your renal glands lock on and that is physically and mentally destructive.

  • This Adrenalin masks fatigue and exhaustion, it’s like drinking 15 cups of coffee per day.
  • Ultimately can lead to Cancer, Heart attacks and other disease… I.e. Dis-ease. Lack of ease or peace


  • Are you constantly stressed about any of the following things?
  • Money
  • Relationship
  • Job
  • Health
  • Kids
  • Anything else


  • Educate yourself on ways to handle stress and panic in your life.
  • Personal development education.
  • Time in nature.
  • Change the situation that stresses you.