Point #1: Life is just as much about what behaviours destroy our lives.

  • If 97% of the time you’re doing great things & 3% you’re doing the wrong things, you’ll self destruct.
  • If you are a a amazing husband 29 days a month and one night away you’re having an affair, then that will destroy your relationship.

POINT #2: Are you self sabotaging your life, because you believe you don’t deserve it?

  • Like the guy who is on a diet, but sneaks McDonald’s on the way home.
  • Like the girl who wants to be a good person, but bitches about her friends.

POINT #3: The wrong thing can be something that everyone else thinks is a good idea.

  • I used to take advice from someone who was self centred and didn’t really care about me.
  • I used to drink alcohol quite a lot and party all night, that is not what I should be doing to live an amazing life.


  • What are you doing in your life that you shouldn’t be doing?


  • Don’t only focus on what you should do to be happy no peaceful, identify the actions you take that you shouldn’t.
  • 1 negative thing you do can undo all of the AMAZING actions you do take.
  • Identify 1 negative action in each life area, Business/Career, Self worth, Relationships, Health & Fitness