POINT #1: So many peoples WHOLE self worth is based on what others think.

  • People with low self esteem NEED other people to acknowledge them.
  • Needing attention all the time means that you are dependent on others for your happiness.

POINT #2: Other peoples opinions of you are none of your business.

  • If you need other peoples approval you’ll do whatever it takes to fit in.
  • You will not live an authentic life and love your life because you have to fit in.

POINT #3: If you are addicted to the Attention you will never know who your really are.

  •  When you are focused on keeping everyone else happy you don’t give yourself the chance to be happy in yourself.
  • Only be concerned with your own approval and attention, that is the most important factor in your happiness


  • How dependent are you on getting attention in your life to make you happy?


  • Seek out some education to start to learn how to develop your own sense of worth and value.
  • The Strong Life Project is a great place to start