POINT #1: Always listen to your gut, that is where your best answers are.

  • When you try to “think” you way through situations you can easily fuck yourself up.
  • How often have you made a decision and looked back and thought “I knew i should have done xyz” That’s instinct.

POINT #2: You can choose the easy way or the right way…your choice.

  • Follow your instinct and do what needs to be done today for your bet long term results.
  • OR take the easy road and do the shit that will NOT have you achieving amazing things…but don’t complain

POINT #3: Instinct and intuition taps into your experience, wisdom and lessons already learnt.

  • When you think your way to results you are in your fears and doubts.
  • You think your way into or out of any situation.. Instinct will truly guide you.


  • Will you have the guts to have the tough conversations in your life that will bring the results you want.


  • Pay attention to your gut instinct and intuition, note down how you feel about situations as they occur and then look back and see how accurate it was when compared to the outcome. You will begin to realise that your intuition and instinct is ALWAYS right.