POINT #1: How you look at your life and situation is totally up to you

  • You can choose that a relationship ending is a disaster…… OR
  • You can choose that the relationship ending is a new start for both people to be happy.

POINT #2: If you choose the believe that SHIT happens to you in your life then you’re a victim.

  • Victims travel through their life “hoping” that nothing goes wrong.
  • Victims live in fear of things out of their control ruining their lives.

POINT #3: If you choose to believe that EVERYTHING that happens in your life is an opportunity you will flourish.

  • If you lose your job its an opportunity to change careers and/or change the behaviours that affected your employment.
  • If you get a ticket form the Police, you can decide it is a great reminder to slow down before you crashed and hurt someone.


  • Do you approach your life looking for the opportunities to learn, grow and evolve…or do you love the drama???


  • Focus EVERYDAY on looking for the opportunities to learn, grow & evolve in your life.
  • Your PERCEPTION is your reality, choose wisely