POINT #1: Stop trying so hard to be cool

  • Understand that who you are is more than enough.
  • When you try to be something you’re not it wreaks of desperation.

POINT #2: Be a leader not a sniveling follower.

  • If you don’t believe it you will come across as a fraud.
  • If you’re not an actor, DON’T ACT. It is very transparent.

POINT #3: You ARE cool or confident you can’t BE cool or confident.

  • If you put the effort into being your authentic self, it will turn out much better.
  • Use your effort and energy being you, not pretending to be someone else.


  • Where in your life are you false pretending, acing and trying to be someone you are not???
  • Where are you full of shit in your life???


  • Be your true authentic and honest self in ALL areas of your life.