POINT #1: Most people would rather complain than create.

  • It is far easier to believe that shit happens to you then you create it.
  • You can either cry in your milk or learn the lesson and move on.

POINT #2: Do you kick and scream and feel sorry for yourself?

  • When something doesn’t work out do you become really reactive and angry?
  • When you face challenges do you look to blame someone else?

POINT #3: You are responsible for you actions…no one else is.

  • If you are constantly challenging yourself you will fail.
  • If you are never challenged you are living way too safe.


  • Do you create or complain when challenges occur in your life?


  • Identify 1 challenge that you currently face in each of these areas Business, Belief, Relationships and your Health & Fitness and identify how you can make it an amazing opportunity.