POINT #1: Do not let the fear change your behaviour.

  • The only way shit hurts you is if you let it
  • You are in control of your reactions to ANY situation

POINT #2: Some people want you to be shaken and scared, that’s their purpose.

  • DO NOT let the terrorists win
  • Continue to live your life in amazing ways, then we win

POINT #3: Where do you let shit derail you in day to day life?.

  • If you live your life connected and loving then your life will be AWESOME.
  • Don’t let angry drama queens ruin your happiness.


  • How much do you let others impact you and drag you away from who you want to be.


  • Identify the people in your life that negatively impact you and let them go.
  • Cut the cord and let the negative and destructive people go.
  • If they MUST be in your life then don’t let them get to you.