POINT #1: Look to your past and learn from your mistakes so you don’t make them again.

  • Looking at the mistakes you have made in your past gives you insight into your possible future.
  • If you continue to make the same decisions as you have in the past you’ll end up in a very similar situation.

POINT #2: How can you learn from your mistakes before you make them?

  • We often forget about our past experience and make the decisions based on today.
  • Look at where you could have done better and use that information going forward.

POINT #3: Why do we not learn our lessons from our mistakes in past relationships?

  • So many of you will keep ending uo in the same situation in relationships.
  • What are the behaviours that you continually have that causes you grief?


  • What behaviours, decisions and habits are you continuing from your past even though they do not serve you or make your life happy.


  • Look at the 4 areas of your life and write down one negative behaviour in each that doesn’t serve you anymore
  • Business/Career
  • Belief (Self worth, belief, confidence)
  • Relationships
  • Health & Fitness