POINT #1: Your old habits from your past are hard to break.

  • Learn to not react out of your old habits.
  • Make conscious choices to act in the way you want to.

POINT #2: Just because you have always done it, doesn’t mean you still have to.

  • Take responsibility for your actions in the moment.
  • Realise your old habits and reactions are really strongly ingrained in you.

POINT #3: Are your old habits based in your history of being treated unfairly?

  • If you feel like people have mistreated you previously, this may be where these old habits come from.
  • Do you let yourself off the hook saying “That’s just they way I am”


  • Do you operate consciously in your life or out of old habits and behaviours?


  • Where are the situations in your life where you react negatively out of old habits?