POINT #1: When you focus on what works in your life you get more of that.

  • Whatever you focus on happens, if you feel like everything’s great it is.
  • You decide how things are going for you.

POINT #2: When you Focus on what is shit in your life you get more of that.

  • When you focus on the shit in your life, it grows.
  • If you decide that everything is difficult, everything is.

POINT #3: Negativity breeds more negativity, Being positive is the same.

  • When you believe everything is going to be difficult, your life delivers it.
  • If you believe that everything works out really well, your life delivers it.


  • Are you focused on the positive things in your life or the drama and negativity?


  • Find 4 AWESOME things in your life that you can be grateful for everyday, write them down in a journal.