POINT #1:  People will only make changes when they’re ready.

  • You can want something to be better for someone, but so must they.
  • You cant live someone else’s life for them.

POINT #2: If you are the person telling them they need to change they can turn on you.

  • Sometimes people shoot the messenger, but you should still stand strong for what you believe in.
  • If you believe that someone is making a mistake in their life then stand up for your beliefs.

POINT #3: Ultimately you need to let people make their own mistakes. Don’t give advice unless you’re asked for it.

  • Ask them questions about the situation and see how they answer, this is one way to help them see from a different angle.
  • Maybe the only help you can give them is be there for them if it all falls apart.


  • Are you willing to stand up for what you believe in and talk to those close to you about your concerns for them.


  • Look at the 4 areas of your life and ask yourself what are the tings that people may want to tell you, but they’re scared to upset you.