POINT #1: Is it the person in front of you you’re reacting to or someone from your past?

  • We often react to what is happening in front of us from our learnt behaviours from our past.
  • Your past relationships, friendships, work, health and fitness etc will influence how you react today.

POINT #2: It is AMAZING how often we are reacting through “the filters” of our past.

  • If you have a belief about relationships you will react looking for this in relationships.
  • What you’ve experienced shapes your unconscious bias towards people and situations.

POINT #3: Things like “All men are assholes” or “All women are crazy” are based in past experience.

  • If you have only experienced shit relationships that’s what you believe will happen.
  • If you have always been overweight and unfit then that is probably how you’ll react to yourself now.


  • What do you believe about the 4 areas of your life at your core???
  • Write them all down…honestly.


  • Write 1 new belief in each of the 4 areas of your life.
  • Relationships
  • Business/Career
  • Self worth/Belief?Confidence
  • Health & Fitness