POINT #1: Do you believe that you NEED Stress in your life?

  • People are so used to stress they can’t stand to be peaceful.
  • So many of you don’t even realise how much stress affects you.

POINT #2: Is STRESS something that you focus on?

  • Stress is just FEAR dressed up in different clothes.
  • If you’re feeling stressed then be aware of what you are fearful of.

POINT #3: There is a huge difference between nerves and stress.

  • Nerves make you alert and ready to function.
  • Stress destroys your health and confidence.


  • Do you have STRESS in your life that you are not willing to let go?


  • Whenever you feel STRESSED actually stop and write down what the end result of that fear is.
  • Is it you could lose your job?
  • Is it you could lose your relationship?
  • Is it that you could end up injured.
  • Is it that you will hurt someone else emotionally?
  • Get it???