POINT #1: Are you waiting for someone to come along and “fix” things for you.

  • Do you want someone to give you the magic pill to get what you want.
  • Why do so many people just sit and wait for something to get better

POINT #2: Do you suffer from the LOTTO mentality?

  • Are you hoping that one day something amazing happens and your life is different?
  • A lot of people who win the lotto are broke within a couple of years.

POINT #3: Nothing is going to change unless YOU change it.

  • Make the effort yourself to get the different outcome you want.
  • No one else is coming to “save you”, you need to do it.


  • Will you do whatever it takes to get the results you want or will you keep waiting for your fairy godmother to save you?


  • Look everywhere in your life and find 1 thing in each area that you are waiting for someone else to change.