POINT #1: When you commit to what you believe in people are Amazed & sometimes challenged.

  • It is NOT NORMAL to be committed to excellence.
  • The consequence of your actions is your choice.

POINT #2: Committing to what is important to you is hard at first.

  • How determined are you to get the results you really want in your life?
  • Will you put in the time and effort into what you really want. You will need to get out of your comfort zone.

POINT #3: When you COMMIT to something that is important it means sacrificing other things in your life.

  • Will you do what it takes even when it’s not convenient?
  • Most people DO NOT have the commitment to who they want to be in their lives. They take the easy option.


  • Where in your life can you be single minded in your commitment to be the best version of you?


  • Write down 1 thing on each of the 4 life areas that you will commit to unwaveringly to achieve what you want in those areas…and stick to it.