POINT #1: Always follow your gut instinct and do what you know is right?

  • Thinking about things messes us up, you can thin your way in or out of anything.
  • Following your instinct will get you to where you want to be.

POINT #2: When you follow your gut, no matter what you think, results will come.

  • Your fears, doubts and insecurities live in your head, so does thinking.
  • Love and Passion live in your heart, so does instinct and intuition.

POINT #3: When you decide to trust your gut it is AMAZING how clear your path is.

  • Whenever your making a decision listen to your gut not your head.
  • Intuition and instinct is a skill, practice it.


  • Look in your life at where you have thought your way to disaster when you “knew” you shouldn’t have done that thing. That is instinct and intuition.


  • Start to practice listening to your instinct and intuition in all parts of your life.