POINT #1: The more effort you put into others, the more you learn yourself.

  • When you help other people, the joy and growth you get for yourself is amazing.
  • When you focus on what you can do for someone else, it opens up a whole new world of possibility for you.

POINT #2: When you take the time to connect to other people you will get so much more in return.

  • When you really care about others, they will really care about you.
  • Chose carefully who you put that time and effort into.

POINT #3: Don’t waste your time on drama and bullshit conversations.

  • If you can’t really connect with someone ask yourself why you spend time with them.
  • We are all so busy, what determines who you will spend your time with?


  • Ask yourself whether you are someone who really helps others whenever the opportunity arises?


  • Look at the last week of your life and ask yourself how many people you really helped??? Write it down.
  • Ask yourself do you feel like you really contributed to other people this week?