POINT #1: There is a real sense of entitlement around some people in society.

  • Do you believe you are entitled to everything in your life with no effort.
  • Do you go through your life oblivious to what is going on around you?

POINT #2: Why do people believe that whatever they want is more important?

  • Some people go through their lives just expecting everyone else will look after them.
  • When you wait for others to make you happy you may well be very disappointed.

POINT #3: Why should you put in the effort when other people don’t give a shit.

  • Just because you turn up doesn’t mean you deserve to get all you want.
  • You will get out of life what you put in.


  • Where are you showing up being an entitled prick who thinks he deserves something just because…..


  • Look at your actions and attitudes in all 4 areas of you life and identify where you are acting entitled.