POINT #1: Where did we lose our ability to be strong men?

  • When did we decide being soft and compliant was the best outcome.
  • Who did we listen to that told us being soft was the best way forward.

POINT #2: Being a loving, connected and powerful man means sometimes standing up strong.

  • Men should be protectors and providers for their families.
  • Why are we so scared to stand up and protect those close to us.

POINT #3: Our weakness allows the bullies and assholes of society to dominate.

  • We are bringing up a generation of me who don’t know what real strength is.
  • Standing up strong for those around you is what makes men powerful.


  • Will you stand up and be the strong man you know you could be to make a difference in the world.


  • Look at yourself and ask are you being the strongest and most powerful/connected man you can be?